Skyrizi to apply 150mg formulation insurance benefit for Freefield Penju
Skyrizi to apply 150mg formulation insurance benefit for Freefield Penju
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AbbVie's psoriasis medication...Half the total annual injections

Skyrizi Freefield Penju 150mg, a new formulation of the AbbVie psoriasis treatment Skyrizi Freefield Syrinzoo(component name Lysankizumab), has been applied as a treatment for moderate to severe adult plate psoriasis and adult active and progressive psoriasis arthritis since the 1st.

Skyrizi is a biological drug that inhibits interleukin-23 associated with inflammation in immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, and is the most recently introduced biological drug in Korea to treat psoriasis and psoriasis arthritis.

Skyrizi Freefield Penju 150mg is a single dose of 150mg at a time, and is administered subcutaneously every 0 weeks, 4 weeks, and 12 weeks after that based on maintenance therapy. Under the application of this salary, the total number of injections per year can be halved as the salary is applied to the 75mg formulation of the two-time injection method as well as the 150mg formulation.

On the other hand, the upper limit of the one-time drug cost of 150mg of Skyrizi Freefield Penju is KRW 2.343million, which is administered four times a year based on maintenance therapy. In the case of patients applying the special calculation case, 10% of the cost is borne, and the one-time drug cost is about 230,000 won.

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